Do you ever get tired of watching the same celebrities over and over again? Then visit Wild Guest, the 100% Celebrity Free talkshow by Dutch performers Oscar Kocken and Patrick Nederkoorn. Randomly picked members from the audience turn out to be their main guests, to emphasize that everyone has a story worth sharing. During these unprepared and spontaneous encounters, the screen in the background shows all kinds of images related to the unknown but fascinating life of the special guest, and after only twenty minutes the whole audience will definitely agree: one doesn't have to be a star to be able to shine.
Wild Guest - unscripted, unique and 100% celebrity free


Wild Guest performs at open air festivals, in theatre venues, at schools and events, not only in The Netherlands but also abroad (click to see some pictures of the shows in South Africa). About 10000 visitors have witnessed the stories of over 200 unknown men and women, such as a seller of beds, a retired bricklayer, the CEO of a housing association, a tantric masseuse and the formerly unknown Gerda from Houten.


‘This saturday afternoon the audience was introduced to Gerda from Houten. I never would have guessed I wanted to know anything about this farmer's daughter. The 70-year-old grew up as a child in a family of seven. "In that case you are not so important," she concluded. After a fifteen minutes interview the whole audience unanimously agreed that she was wrong.’

- Brabants Dagblad


‘It surprises that a conversation of only fifteen minutes can be so profound. (…) Very touching.’

- Scenes


‘The idea is simple, the implementation brilliant . (…) By adding a few returning elements both gentlemen succeed in giving the guest and the audience the feeling that he is really special.’

- Cultureel Persbureau


‘Voorwaar ’n innoverend konsep.’

– Krit (South-Africa)


Patrick Nederkoorn (1983) is a comedian, interviewer and moderator. He studied political science and theology, and then went to the Koningstheater Academy in Den Bosch. He is a member of the comedy team of Spijkers Met Koppen (Radio 2) and columnist for Het Oog Op Morgen (Radio 1).


Oscar Kocken (1983) graduated at the University of Utrecht in Theatre Studies. Nowadays he works as a writer, interviewer and presenter. He made shows for Lowlands, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Festival Boulevard and De Parade. His writings appeared in ELLE, Metro and NRC Handelsblad. He also initiated the performance Bejaarden & Begeerte and he is the founder of the satirical news show Orde van de Dag.